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I have represented a wide range of entities as their Business Bankruptcy Attorney. Operating in diverse industries and markets throughout Texas, nationally, and internationally. I have represented government agencies, publicly traded companies, closely held businesses, and sole proprietorships. No matter the size or scope of your business needs, I am here to guide you and protect your interests. I am now partner at Cantey Hanger LLP in Fort Worth, Texas.

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As your business bankruptcy attorney I help make the complicated process of Bankruptcy simple and cost-effective for you with my decades of experience I  not only know the law but know how to achieve maximum results to win your case and make sure justice is on your side.

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The initial consultation is the most important part so my team and I can get the facts and create the best strategic solution for you.


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This is a partnership that we will embark on together. As we navigate the choppy waters of complex bankruptcy law, I will be your guiding light to make sure you end on top.


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If we have to go to court this is not the end this is the beginning this is when we really make sure you as the client gets not just what you deserve but what you are truly worth.

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Brent Dalton
Brent Dalton
M.J. Watson & Associates, P.C. Is a excellent and very professional attorney firm that go above and beyond for their clients.
Pierre Khoury
Pierre Khoury
As my attorney, Mr. Watson is a very hard working professional in his field of expertise. He leaves no stone unturned to protect my rights in the court of law.He is very prompt to respond to my calls, and provides me with detailed updates and relevant information. I recommend him to anyone. I wish him well. P.K.
oscar rivera
oscar rivera
Jermaine Watson helped us work with our creditors to create a chapter 11 plan.
Veronica Woods
Veronica Woods
In 2018 I consulted Mr. Watson in regards to a personal financial situation in which I became overwhelmed with a large amount of debt due to an unfortunate set of personal factors that were out of my control.I was overwhelmed with the financial burden and it was causing me considerable stress. I received Mr. Watson's information upon referral, and I was so impressed that at the first phone call for help and inquiry, Mr. Watson was very prompt with his follow-up and had a great service attitude. He was professional, kind, and honest with his advice. He went out of his way to show compassion for my situation and make me feel like everything was going to be okay by letting him handle the situation.Over the next several weeks, Mr. Watson came up with a plan for eliminating this considerable debt and he helped me stay on task and carried it through to completion in an efficient and timely manner without any hiccups at all, which I was very impressed by.On a personal note, I have had a few unfortunate personal experiences with various other attorneys in the past and I found Mr. Watson to be the most honest, intelligent, and efficient attorney I have ever dealt with. He was different from the rest.He renewed my faith that attorneys can and do really help people. His efficiency and professional expertise saved me lots of time, lots of money, and lots of personal stress.The investment I made to hire him as my bankruptcy attorney was minuscule in comparison to the anguish of trying to manage this debt on my own. I thank God for putting him in my path. I have never made a better investment in my life and would recommend him to anyone needing assistance of any kind handling their financial and bankruptcy issues. I saved the best for last...Mr. Watson helped me to eradicate ALL of my debt! What a load off! Thank you God and Mr. Watson!Y.R., Mesquite, TX
John Sibley
John Sibley
I met with Attorney M. J. Watson of M. J. Watson & Associates, P. C. , and was quite please with professional and interpersonal skills. Mr.Watson was very a tentative to me and his explanations were understandable and not condescending. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who wishes to obtain legal professional counseling.
John Ray
John Ray
It is hard to find a good, honest attorney that has you best interest in mind but Jermaine is one of the few. He will fight for you and is not afraid to go against the establishment. I have referred over several friends and colleagues with great results. He will be your last stop.

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