How To Avoid Risky Bankruptcy Proceeding Lies That Will Wreck You

The business bankruptcy proceeding is no different than any other court proceeding, what do we mean?  Many debtors, unfortunately, believe that they can file and that the court does not need to know everything about the company’s finances.  Attorneys will tell you that you should always be truthful because the

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Single Asset Real Estate Bankruptcy New Ironclad Ultimate Plan

Single Asset Real Estate Bankruptcy cases Have you ever heard of the Single Asset Real Estate Bankruptcy cases? If not you are in the correct place it’s a well-kept secret banks don’t want you to know. Successful banks seek opportunities to minimize default risks in commercial real estate transactions.  In

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Secrets in a LLC Bankruptcy Chapter 11. What Actually Happens?

LLC bankruptcy chapter 11 A Common Dilemma Distressed business owners in an LLC bankruptcy chapter 11 frequently encounter a common dilemma:  if the business is worth saving or if the business owner is better off walking away?  The key consideration is whether it is possible to save the business.  If the

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5 Big Reasons To Avoid Lying on Bankruptcy Filing

When it comes to any court process, you are always urged to be truthful about the details you come forward with. The same can be said you must avoid lying on bankruptcy filing(s) even when going through a business bankruptcy. Many debtors, unfortunately, believe that they can file and that

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A Man Grasping a Picture Frame because he has the hard chiose of how to file bankruptcy or not to.

How To File Bankruptcy And Better Protect Your Home?

After you have been overwhelmed again and again by business debts that you are not able to afford, you might consider the bankruptcy route. Many people are worried about how to file bankruptcy for their finances and their property, what can be protected? Will it have a huge impact on

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How to Actually not Get Wrecked From a Bankruptcy Lawsuit

Many people wonder how they can avoid a bankruptcy lawsuit by creditors when they own a business and are dabbling with the prospect of bankruptcy. Going through a lawsuit might be one of the most difficult things that you have ever experienced, which is why many people attempt to avoid

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